New Generation Gamification Platform

Whether you would like to increase the performance of your sales network, to strengthen your call center engagement, or to increase the performance of your end-user loyalty platform, Motivist has all the groundwork you need.
Defines and tracks all the behavioral trends for your company’s success. Encourages with customized reward scenarios, and helps companies achieve their targets.
Outlines the right tasks and the educational tools for the users and increases awareness.

Gamification solutions for the end users

Loyalty and continuity-based gamification solutions for venues, institutions, workplaces, shopping malls, municipalities, chain stores and many other businesses and institutions that directly come into contact with the end user are waiting for you at Bond1440.
Can be used for all end user-oriented mechanisms with multiple users.
Can be delivered to millions of end users without any user limits.

Gamification mechanisms for maximum integration

A comprehensive infrastructure that will allow all companies that want to apply gamification to grow their business and to get in touch with their employees or customers to act in coordination with all connected platforms across the process.
Offers flexible infrastructure and sustainable integration for maximum gamification
Meets all your technical infrastructure needs for gamification scenarios