Training & Human Resources Management

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    How to Use Gamification in Education and Human Resources Management?

    Recruiting valuable employees, supporting the development of existing employees and maintaining their motivation are very crucial topics for the sustainability of companies.

    Gamification in Recruitment Processes

    Recruitment processes can be made much more efficient and enjoyable for both the candidate and the employer by designing gamification schemes that will enable the measurement of how the person will perform in his/her potential job and facilitate the identification of the right candidate. Being a company with a recruitment process designed with innovative approaches will increase the possibility of working with innovative and open-minded people and will pave the way for you to be a good employer brand.

    Training Development Processes

    Training and development programs that include game mechanics such as competition and cooperation significantly increase the attractiveness of the learning process. Learning will be much more permanent and stable in methods where all actors involved in the education process are internalized and acquired.

    Considered from this perspective, gamification strategies can be used to improve employee motivation and productivity, as well as providing great benefits in human resources management and development processes such as recruitment efficiency, workforce diversity and employee training. All these processes are suitable for separately gamified processes.

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