A new dimension in motivation, performance, and efficiency!

Discover the magical world of gamification, where technology and wisdom come together.

Take a closer look at Inooster's performance and motivation-oriented products.


The power of gamification based on behavioral sciences is everywhere!

You can define tasks on issues such as sales, collections, training & development processes, customer satisfaction and loyalty, make improvements for your own websites and applications, and mobilize your users in line with the determined goals with leadership boards, feedback, badges, and rewards.

We have been adding value by gamifying since 2016.


Gamification is the most effective way to achieve goals, create interactions and connect with people!

Why Inooster?

We add a new dimension to the concepts of motivation, performance, and productivity, develop long-term constructs by gamifying all your business processes from end to end, and enable you to reach your goals thanks to our strong technological infrastructure.

What are we doing?

We provide gamification-based performance, training and loyalty management solutions that will increase motivation and efficiency that enable people and companies to reach their goals.

Our Elixirs for You

The most enjoyable way to your goals

Sales Motivation

Increase your profitability with innovative products that will take the motivation, performance, and efficiency of sales teams to the top.

Gamification API Platform

Increase the efficiency of your applications with flexible, powerful, and modular gamification API platform of Inooster.

Training & Human Resources Management

Move to a new dimension in HR management with platforms that include many customizations from developing employee competency to increasing motivation, from career journey to recruitment processes.

Customer Loyalty

Strengthen the bonds you establish with your customers by using our gamification-based products developed with the vision of Loyalty 3.0.

Call Center Applications

Offer your customers a brand-new experience while maximizing the efficiency of your call center operations.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

You always have the control with the fictions where you can instantly monitor employee productivity and compare by including the metrics you want.

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    Inooster adds performance motivation productivity interaction inspiration to your business

    Meet with gamification-based performance, training and loyalty management solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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    News from Inooster

    20 September 2023

    Inooster Selected for TUBITAK R&D Startup Program

    In the R&D Start-up Program organized by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, which aims to support organizations to carry out R&D qualified innovation activities in the required technology areas by improving their R&D capacities, we succeeded in being among the accepted projects among 488 projects. 🚀

    10 March 2023

    Gamification Hackathon Sponsored by Inooster

    The 48-hour virtual Global Gamification Hackathon, of which we are the event sponsor, will take place online on March 10-11-12. 👾 With the mentoring of world-renowned gamification experts, teams produce gamified solutions. 🎮

    The winner will be decided by gamification experts, of which Ebubekir Kaplan is one of the jury members, and the winners are awarded. 🥇

    1 January 2023

    Inooster 2022 Wrap

    While making works fun with 188 new tasks, 378,294 users joined us. 🧒🏻 We distributed 7.6 million badges to motivate users and sent 84.1 million notifications to inform and take them to the next step.🏅

    An average of 10 Billion+ data was processed annually and 95% of users used the system regularly. 🧑🏻‍💻

    In our Walk Be Istanbul application, an average of 16,000 steps was taken per person per day. 🏃🏻

    On average, 65% of users working in the retail industry achieved their monthly sales targets. 📊

    11 November 2022

    We Won Felis Awards!

    With Yürü Be İstanbul application, we won the first prize in the “Healtcare & Wellness” category of the Felis Awards. 🤩

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.

    4 October 2022

    Product of the day 5.th

    In our first launch in the Product Hunt, we ranked 5th among all products of the day. Thank you very much for supporting Synergy! ❤️
    The adventure has just begun. 🚀 Stay tuned!

    27 September 2022

    Inooster is Six Years Old!

    And the next level just unlocked with the gorgeus guests. What a lovely and memorable night for us and thank you all guys! You made our day!

    6 September 2022

    100 Most Successful Startups in Turkey

    We are pleased and proud to be one of Fast Company’s 100 most successful startups in Turkey. 🧑‍🚀

    We are still as enthusiastic about spreading our gamification technology around the world as we were on the first day. 🚀

    We appreciate our esteemed investors, valued customers, and super-awesome coworkers’ steadfast support. 🎯

    So glad we have you!

    1 September 2022

    Make Project Manegement Great Again

    Gamify your teams with Synergy for a more agile project management approach! Increase your team motivation and productivity with a gamification system enriched with points systems, rewards, kudos, badges and leaderboards. Synergy is live on Atlassian Marketplace!
    1 July 2022

    We Won Brandverse Awards!

    We were on stage at the Brandverse Awards! 😉 We won our award with the Yürü Be İstanbul project under the Social Responsibility and Sustainability category. Cheers! 🎗️

    9 March 2022

    We Sponsored Gamification Europe 2022

    We proud of being main sponsor at Europe’s greatest gamification conference of Gamification Europe 2022, which will take place between 21-25 March. 🎯

    23 February 2022

    We Won MarTech Awards!

    With Yürü Be İstanbul application, we won the first prize in the “Best Use of Technology in Other Industries” category of the MarTech Awards 2022. 🤩

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.

    7 February 2022

    Enterprise of The Year

    We are happy to be chosen as the “enterprise of the year 2021” by Albaraka Garage. 🎉 Our journey, which started in Garaj, continues with the excitement of the first day by expanding to all over the world. 🌍 We would like to thank all our business partners who were with us in our adventure.

    Blog Click: Click Here.

    7 November 2021

    We Recieved $700.000 Investment

    Inooster’s newest funding arrives via leads TechOne VC and Logo Ventures, and saw participation from APY Ventures Fintech GSYF and APY Ventures Startup GSYF. And received an investment of $700.000.