Call Center

Here are the ideal solutions to know that call centers are the main element of the company and to make them feel that they are with you. Inooster is just a click away for the scope and depth of performance enhancing methods you want, from gamification solutions specially designed for each agent to mass actions.

Human Resources

Inooster offers the most accurate solutions in the development of mechanisms such as performance measurements and management of HR processes, as well as increasing the motivation of units such as collection, delivery, follow-up, and sales.


Inooster gamification solutions, specially designed for insurance, which is one of the sectors where customer continuity is most important in the financial ecosystem, are at your service.

Shopping Mall-Mass Merchandising

With Inooster’s gamification solutions, it is much easier and more effective to make your customers’ shopping experiences more enjoyable and to ensure that your products and services in the foreground can be perceived more easily and clearly by your customers.


Inooster offers your customers comprehensive gamification solutions in every field and platform, from destination choices of end users to potential customer acquisition, every day of the year.


Special solutions that can be designed according to the needs of your customers and your goals at any time of the day, and that will provide you with maximum benefit in both instore and online channels, reach you with Inooster engineering.


It is the most valuable part of our business to provide the customer with the ideal experience at every step, from the pre-sales processes to the after-sales service stages. It is in your hands to make a difference in the automotive industry with Inooster’s gamification solutions.


Developing its services in every field from employee training for organizations to the development of general course mechanisms of educational organizations, Inooster is also the most efficient friend of Human Resources departments with the solutions it offers.

Government Agencies

Providing direct service to all kinds of official institutions and their employee/citizen/partner structure with its mass gamification solutions, Inooster ensures that processes are concluded much more effectively with its safe solutions that are fully compatible with official mechanisms.


Inooster, which facilitates the challenging stages of the procedures and ensures that the health processes are carried out more easily and with maximum clarity, offers you the best in this field with its personalized and corporate solutions.


Solutions that will increase the efficiency of telecommunication companies in every field from sales to marketing campaigns, from human resources processes to internal communication, both in-house and at the customer’s side, meet with you with the engineering of Inooster.


With the contribution of a gamified process design, guests are provided with an utterly unique experience in big events organized in organizations. In the services in this area, only process design is made. The event is carried out by the requesting organization.


Inooster adds efficiency inspiration productivity performance interactivity motivation to your business.

Meet with gamification-based performance, training and loyalty management solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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