Benefits of Gamification for the Retail Industry

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Benefits of Gamification for the Retail Industry

The retail industry has a dynamic structure. Satisfying the clients, establishing a bond with them, and meeting their needs are of great importance. Considering the necessities of the industry, gamification is in a facilitator position for the retail industry. When we look at the market data of gamification in 2018, we see that the retail industry is the leader of the gamification market, valuing 5 million dollars. Innovative ways, applied within the stores, and scenarios, created to gain the attention of the customer, started to become necessary for the retail industry.

If we examine the contribution of gamification to the retail industry in detail:

  • Interaction of the loyalty program

There are a lot of scorecards and loyalty programs in our daily lives. Among these many options, the necessary thing to make the customer start a new program is courage. This is where gamification steps in, and it supports the interaction of clients with the brand via promotive factors.

  • Beginning with motivational triggers

Games make it easy for you to share your experiences. The same applies to gamification. It makes sure that people who follow you can see your progress, rewards, or contents. The starting point for conversation is ensured in this way.

  • Enhancing the customer experience

Gamification can magically transform an ordinary task into a fun activity. People gain as they play, and the fact that they know that they will win encourages them to join.

  • Establishing and improving relationships

As we know from our childhood, games create emotional memories for us. Playing a big role in shaping our character in the ages of development, games can easily fend for customers to establish a relationship with brands.

  • Creating a brand

Games come across as fun for people and invoke positive feelings in them. They create the feeling that brands want to go beyond what is basic and that they care enough about being different. Gamification can help create a meaningful story for brands. Brands become different in a short time and stick in mind easily.

  • Long alternating optimization

The time that people spare for the retail industry and their effort point correlate positively with the motivation they gain. Instead of only short-term, material rewards, special and inner rewards which contain long-term experiences are built.

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