Can Gamification Be Integrated into Finance Sector?

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Can Gamification Be Integrated into Finance Sector?

Game theoretician Brian Sutton Smith once said that “The opposite of game is not seriousness, but depression.” Because it deals with a serious matter like money, the relationship of the finance field with games was always met warily. That’s why gamification, when designed correctly, contain great opportunities for employees and customers of the finance sector. Marketing experts believe that gamification will adapt easily to the banking sector because an employee survey, performed by IND, reached the conclusion that most of the bank employees lean towards integrating gamification into a serious system.

72% of the users who took part in the survey consist of employees who respond positively to gamification being integrated into a serious system. 27% show an indecisive approach about the suitability of gamification for this system. Only 1% of the participants think negatively.

We can reach the conclusion that the biggest part of the employees of finance and banking sectors are very open to gamification, and the second biggest part needs to experience it. Coming to the conclusion that gamification will provide productivity for these sectors, and that it will lead to an increase in the motivations of the employees is inevitable.

E.Altuğ Yılmaz
Gamification Consultant


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