Gamification Hackathon 2023

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Gamification Hackathon 2023

As we leave behind another Gamification Hackathon which we sponsored, 13 different projects created with valuable contributions from mentors, 13 experts who brought their knowledge and experience to the world of gamification, and a growing community adding new members every day, we continue our journey. 

Summary of the 2023 Gamification Hackathon

The hackathon, which focused on the themes of Metaverse, Sustainability & Experience, and Blockchain Loyalty, went through a process that included networking events at metaverse parties, knowledge and experience sharing by speakers, teams producing their projects with the guidance of mentors, jury evaluations, and awarding.

The program started with Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz’s opening speech and continued with valuable insights shared by 12 speakers.

Here are some highlights from the speeches:

Projects Summary 

Here are the project titles that the teams worked on with their mentors:

As a result of the jury’s evaluation of the projects, Turkey ranked first, followed by the United Kingdom in second place and South Korea in third. In addition to these teams, Iran received the Jury Special Award and Lithuania received the Gamfed Special Award, completing the hackathon. 

Special Thanks

We would like to extend our thanks to the dear Gamfed team who organized and ensured a wonderful event, as well as our valuable speakers, mentors, and jury members for their contributions and efforts.

As Inooster, we continue to work towards developing and contributing to the gamification ecosystem. We look forward to supporting this field with all our stakeholders and being part of new projects. 

You can watch the entire event on YouTube. 


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