Innovation by Inooster: Gamification Design Method

When you play, you want to have fun after your heart; when you grow up a little, rules come into your life, and you want to be the best of a game. Being the best brings about some disciplines. We, too, identified methods for ourselves to take gamification to the top. Now, let’s start from

5 Tips and Considerations for Implementing Gamific...

Businesses from the fintech sector often find it challenging to engage with their customers. The industry is usually considered too conservative, traditional, and technical to provide dynamic interactions with customers. Hence, many companies—especially startups—lose out to their competitors in the long run. With 75% of fintech companies now focusing their efforts on improving customer engagement,

A Case of Government Gamification from Taiwan

The application of game elements to real life has become a method used by the governments over time. Very successful results have been obtained when rewarding and entertainment elements are added, even if small, especially in social practices that are based entirely on penalty system such as traffic. Government systems and citizenship and finance scoring

10 Gamification Tips From The Motivist Team

Nowadays, we are trying to motivate a generation that grew up with games in their workplaces. Although these games do not reward us financially, they can provide long-term motivation, why do we not benefit from the power of the games in our business processes? As we communicate with our employees and customers only financially, such

A Case of Success with Gamification in the Banking...

The finance sector has started to use the gamification method for financial literacy information in its customers, and the gamification method for its employees in issues such as performance and innovation. Spanish bank BBVA won the 2013 “Best Use of Interaction Techniques in Consumer-Oriented Applications” award for creating a gamified Facebook application that attracted more

10 Years of Gamification: 2010-2020

We can say that gamification is game scenarios that are applied to daily life. One of the most basic examples is our mothers who acted as if spoons were planes while eating. However, applying all of the scenarios, especially those in game design, into a discipline started more like in the 2000s. Nick Pelling, who

Can Gamification Be Integrated into Finance Sector...

Game theoretician Brian Sutton Smith once said that “The opposite of game is not seriousness, but depression.” Because it deals with a serious matter like money, the relationship of the finance field with games was always met warily. That’s why gamification, when designed correctly, contain great opportunities for employees and customers of the finance sector.

What Do We Borrow From Games?

For gamification, it is the application of game design techniques to a real-life goal. So what are these game design techniques? How does the digital gaming industry, which is the largest financial sector in the world, apply these techniques and what do we borrow from them in the name of gamification? Let’s take a look

Mobile Gamification Experiences and Results in the...

Gamification is one of the most important methods used in designing better and more interactive experiences in every field. At big events such as concerts and festivals, it is valuable for participants to not only watch the performance on stage but also feel like a part of it. Fictions such as making interactive question and

Rewards for Gamification – Keywords for Intr...

What comes to your mind when you think of a reward? Even, “What would happen if you rewarded yourself?” Generally, foods such as chocolate, baklava, and coffee, and experiences such as a vacation come to mind. These are actually all extrinsic rewards that can be bought with money. “Intrinsic rewards” which cannot be substituted with