Innovation by Inooster: Gamification Design Method

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Innovation by Inooster: Gamification Design Method

When you play, you want to have fun after your heart; when you grow up a little, rules come into your life, and you want to be the best of a game. Being the best brings about some disciplines. We, too, identified methods for ourselves to take gamification to the top. Now, let’s start from the beginning…

What does the word “method”, which we can refer to as a way of approaching or a point of view, contribute to us? When you follow specific methods while doing something, you prevent distractions along your journey. That way, if the ways to get rid of certain limitations are designated by some methods from the beginning, you have the chance to take action and proceed. Proceeding with methods protects you from many unexpected incidents while reducing your stress, it also saves you time, which is an irremediable source. If you trust your method, you can see what is lacking from the very first step and get the chance to use your resources for the right channels.

Well, what should be our method when it comes to gamification? While gamification is a matter of debate in terms of its definition, it is a field in which you can find many resources about its contents that are conflicting, but also nurturing each other. There are quite a few models and theories that nurture the subject of gamification. For example, the D6 approach of Kevin Werbach is very directive. On the other hand, Yu-kai chou points to how we can direct lots of emotions with Octalysis. We know how to use behavior hooks with Hook and how to use motivation with the theory of Self-Determination. Yet, how will you apply all of these when you come across a company that is in need of gamification? Is there an approach that produces solutions end-to-end which serve the whole gamification process, that combines every action of the client, the gamification expert, and at the same time, the end-user -the most important agent- with this solution? 

Believing in gamification from the bottom of our hearts as Inooster Information Technologies, we felt a need in this regard, we prepared a whole pattern system that can make our own process the smoothest, the simplest, and the most analytical, and we called it Inooster Gamification Design Method! With this method, we can foresee what and when should everyone in the process from the first step of our business processes do, and what kind of output we will have in which situation.

Yes, our clients, our playmates, sometimes want to start the process of the gamification system and see the results, skipping this method quickly. If there are some documents that we miss during the method or decisions that we did not make before, we have directly seen that the process goes wrong later on, and unexpected surprises create difficulties. 

If there is a right way for every concept, every behavior, every thought, the right way is the Inooster Gamification Design Method when it comes to applying gamification to operations. If you want to receive consultancy about how this process continues and get to know us as well, you can meet our professional team. 

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