New Game Released: Project Management

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New Game Released: Project Management

Project management is situated in very critical position for organizations. With help of project management, it is possible to make processes faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Three essentials of project management can be named as, task management, time management and teamwork. In order to obtain a consistent flow in between those, the team must be kept motivated. Which leads the organizations to gamification. Task management can seem like a monotone thing to do, so employees may lose interest. It would be followed by a lack of time management. It gets harder to keep track of time. In addition to those, teamwork cannot be provided in an environment where employees do not contact and interact with each other. In this situation, the aim of gamification is to find solutions to these problems.

Gamification has a positive impact on improving the team’s experience of work. People are getting bored because of the routine works they do; alienation also can cause this, since employees cannot understand the meaning and reason of the work. Gamification not only makes people to enjoy the work but also provides instant feedback and appreciation when there is an achievement. Facing the usual game elements such as points, leaderboards and badges in daily life and work, surprises people which creates fun and motivation.

Using games in the workplace is an ancient way to motivate employees. Sometimes it comes up with little plays of employees that they created or sometimes it can be a visionary manager who understands the importance of employee motivation and having a sustainable workflow. As time goes by gamification evaluated and in modern life it can be seen in a more professional and useful way. Today, gamification is integrated with the Scrum model. Scrum requires great attendance of team members and time management. As a solution, gamified project management systems awards people both to influence their habits and to help them to track time. Even if it does not change the base of work and its requirements, it covers the work with game elements, which provides more productive and sustainable work.

Some published applications which applied gamification to their task management systems had positive outputs. It observed that people who used gamified applications other than the classic ones had more intense experiences. It helped users to be more productive and focused on their tasks because of the intrinsic motivations they had. Those motivations come from the displayed journey of the employees other than their daily work, the pleasure of accomplishment, and climbing the leaderboard among others. There can be various sources of motivation based on the character.

To present a project management system, task management, time management and teamwork in, a more efficient way, gamification provides an innovative and effective way. Because of the nature of game elements, gamification has a positive effect on employees’ motivation. This also affects performance since performance and mental comfort has a connection in between. Managers keep looking for ways to beat the monotone workflow and maintain both the motivation and high performance of the team. On the way to that, gamification always will be there to guide you.

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