Benefits of Gamification for the Retail Industry

The retail industry has a dynamic structure. Satisfying the clients, establishing a bond with them, and meeting their needs are of great importance. Considering the necessities of the industry, gamification is in a facilitator position for the retail industry. When we look at the market data of gamification in 2018, we see that the retail

5 Mistakes Made in Gamification Projects

In 2011, the word “gamification” was nominated to the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year list. Since then, it has become one of the concepts that their players create programs that mix their motivational goals. Many gamification projects were not successful because they were planned correctly, their fictions were not developed well, and they

Gamification, a Rising Technique Around the World,...

Google is now a portal that we first apply to on a subject we are curious about, and has become the encyclopedia of the new generation. Reports of the searched words published by Google over the years also enable us to obtain meaningful and valuable results. Google can analyze and share major disasters, general illnesses,

Gamification in Turkey and Global Market

Gamification can be generalized as applying game techniques to real life. It is always a matter of curiosity, especially in which areas it has become very popular. In its early stages, gamification easily found its way into short-term fictions such as education and marketing. Recently, more comprehensive applications have started to show up in many

Companies Can Outpace Their Competitors Using Gami...

With the correct integration of gamification and game edits into business processes, very positive results can be obtained. Many companies applying gamification to their processes shared that they observed generally measurable differences in both business results and employee experience. Tokara Solution recently observed that companies that integrate this approach into their business processes have a